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Favorite Playground: Nature

If you ask children about their favorite place to play, they often agree: outside in the open air. It is where children have their great adventures and at the same time learn naturally. Educators also agree: nature is a suitable place for holistic learning and is essential for the healthy development of children. This natural play space enables children to build up a wealth of experiences. In this way, children discover nature with all their senses. These experiences are of great importance for later school learning - even if they seem so small. Children practice listening closely and find out how differently birds chirp. They watch curiously a crawling snail. They mould clay in their hands for the first time and shape it into funny figures. They make friends as they slide, climb and laugh together. Children follow this path individually at their own pace. They build up a relationship with nature, which sustainably strengthens them in their development.

Set Your Imagination Free

Nature has a rich treasury of toys. For example, a wooden stick is not just a piece of wood. Depending on the game, a stick can turn into a magic wand, a walking stick or even a horse. The natural playground offers the little ones an opportunity to set their imagination free. This not only  encourages creativity but also strengthens self-confidence. Children also learn to move around in a group and to play together.

We offer nature playgroups in a forest and in a garden. In groups of eight to twelve children, the little ones get to know their surroundings. Our Forest Gnome accompanies children throughout the year and tells them fascinating stories. Children climb over tree trunks, do handicrafts using natural materials, collect nuts or watch animals. These various sensory experiences are central to the healthy development of the child. Nature is the ideal learning environment for this.



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