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Our Playgroups

Nature is a perfect place to play and learn for holistic and healthy child development. A positive attitude towards life is conveyed through joy and respect for the environment. There are many ideas to get involved with nature such as common tools. Encountering nature, learning in a group in the open air offers a wealth of emotional and sensual experiences - all year round. These experiences not only help children to have a direct relationship with nature, a stable system of perception and a mature body awareness but also support them on their way to become independent individuals.

Naturspielraum has been offering a wide range of courses for both young and older children; and also experiences for the whole family for over ten years.

Our offer focuses on different needs of children depending on their age:


  • Mini Forest Elves are for children from 18 months to two and a half years old while accompanied by their mum or dad

  • Forest- and Garden Playgroups are for children from the age of two and a half till kindergarten

  • Natural Workshop is suitable for children already attending kindergarten or primary school

In our Nature Playgroups children have the opportunity to get to know forest and garden filled with their magic and secrets together with other children. In the spacious living space of nature, children can make their first contacts and learn to move around in a group. We roam through woods and meadows, experience adventures, learn, discover, feel, wonder, explore, appreciate and understand with all our senses. The house of our Forest Gnome offers protection and security after discovery trips or in adverse weather conditions.

Our Nature Workshop includes a wide range of courses: what can you do with a stick, how do you build a hotel for wild bees, how are colors made from plants, what do you have to consider when carving, how to light a fire and cook something delicious and much more... There is so much to discover and learn. This offer is also suitable for children who are tired of kindergarten or overwhelmed and who want to spend time in nature to find themselves again. It's amazing how quickly aggression and fear can turn into positive energy.

Check our offer! It is worth it!

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