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Every Thursday and Friday from 9 am to 1.30 pm children are out and about in the garden all year round. Our garden is a perfect place to play and learn. Here small children can develop holistically and healthily. They get to know the cycle of nature by playing and exploring. Through the emotional contact with nature children are supported on their way to become independent individuals.

Learning in Harmony with Nature

By taking responsibility for small garden chores, children strenghten their confidence and proficiency in their skills. Every child is allowed to play freely and also do specific work. Furthermore, children become little researchers and investigate the gigantic living space of the Earth. What's crawling here? What's flying there? Who laid their eggs here? Here and there they will find many funny and small residents. Together, larger and smaller topics are explained - determined by the season of nature. This quenches children's thirst for knowledge.

Experience a Whole Year Cycle

Children sow the seeds themselves. This promotes fine motoric skills and concentration. Together we talk about what a plant needs to grow. Children are responsible for their little garden. This is how they develop a relationship, joy and confidence in their work. They are very close to the emergence of new life and observe how a small plant becomes a fruit or a vegetable. Children are also faceds by important questions such as: what does life need? What happens to the plants in winter? What are the insects for? By trying things out and observing children learn all year round that everything is connected. In this way they learn to appreciate and protect the importance of nature.

Little Adventures and Big Friendships

The garden play group offers much more: they make friends outside in the open air, they  play together and have great adventures. For example, lighting a fire for the first time under supervision and grilling a self-planted zucchini on it, or creating fun role-playing games in free play. Children also learn how to deal with conflicts and thus develop their own solution strategies. In the end, wonderful friendships are made outdoors which is an important aspect on the way to become independent individuals. Sometimes it doesn't take much to support a child in her/his holistic development.



  • sturdy shoes

  • weatherproof clothing (rain jacket, rain trousers, waterproof shoes)

  • Backpack with spare clothes (socks, underpants, pants, sweater)

  • suncap

  • drinking bottle

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